Glow is owned and operated by Auburn Graduate, Candice Ingalls. As a college student Candice managed the salon, Tan Essentials, where she developed a passion for the tanning industry, and a large knowledge base of the way the skin achieves, retains and maximizes the bronzed skin we all love. After graduating from Auburn, she moved back to her home town of Mt. Olive, Alabama, and quickly developed a desire to get back in the tanning industry. The Gardendale/Mt. Olive area was in desperate need of an upscale tanning salon, so the timing couldn't have been more perfect. In August 2007, Glow Tanning Salon opened it's doors and Candice was putting her tanning expertise back in to work. Glow Tanning Salon is stocked with advanced tanning beds, and has the only Mystic Tan in the North Jefferson county area. She has been going strong ever since and hopes to one day expand to more stores around the Birmingham area.